We say it over and over. We work with our friends. We like our customers, we like each other and we make the job fun. We take our job seriously, but we definitely don’t take ourselves seriously. We are a goofy crew who is passionate about protecting our clients, but about much more as well. Here is a look at the folks involved in keeping your yard mosquito and tick free. You’ll likely notice a trend of Music, Video Games and Sports throughout.


Jeff is General Manager of Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville. He has been involved in mosquito control for four years and before that has been a value consultant for over fifteen years. Jeff hails from Washington state originally, home of the Seattle Grunge Scene which is why he still has some flannel stuck in his teeth. He hasn’t had a pair of jeans without holes in them since 1993 and falls asleep to Nirvana’s Nevermind. Jeff has lived in Charlottesville for 6 years having moved here from New York and before that, France. Jeff has a degree in Finance and Creative Writing and studied film in France but, since he learned to speak fluent French when he moved there, he never learned to write and thus failed miserably at the written exams and has no degree to show for it. He is an avid hockey player and hockey coach, having coached the UVA hockey team for four years. Jeff plays defense in the Charlottesville hockey league but, since he is a goon, spends more time in the penalty box than he does on the ice. He is a constant source of humor and laughs forhis wife Johanna, son Leopold and two dogs Rosi and Wallace.

Jeff is at the bottom of the Squad NHL video hockey standings because every time he gets scored on he punches his controller across the room, breaks it and must forfeit the game.

Nick is Operations Manager of Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville. Nickstarted working with Mosquito Squad in 2014 and is the one who runs the routing and the servicing of each of our clients. He keeps our technicians in line and handles the immediate honoring of our 100% Guarantee. Nick carries a 60lb sprayer to treat fifteen properties a day and can bench press somewhere around 500 lbs but has a mortal fear of public speaking and ferrets. You can always count on him to answer questions about your service and spot the most critical mosquito and tick harborages in your yard. Nick is part from the infamous Artale family of Madison, Virginia. Nick studied Music Production and Business at JMU and shreds on the guitar like Nigel Tufnel. He is a lifelong player and fan of World of Warcraft and is currently a Level 17 Mage in the Cave of Never Ending Darkness. His wardrobe consists of tank tops, board shorts, wizards robes and mythril.

Nick is currently at the top of the Squad NHL video hockey standings because he discovered that one glitch that allows him to score at will… AKA he cheats.

Steve is Sales Manager of Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville. Steve started in 2015 and is the one who you will normally talk to when you call our main number. Steve was raised nearUtica, NY which is home of the mafia, condemned buildings, and high precipitation rates. These conditions are contributing factors to Steve’s up-beat attitude and moral compass. Steve graduated from Ithaca College in 2009 with a degree in economics. He likes to drink 5 pots of coffee per morning, and likes to pretend to be working, while watching Netflix. Steve is a rock and roll drummer, having played drums and other instruments for over twenty years and currently plays in a Charlottesville rock band, Lamaze, which won the 2016 OmegaCon Battle of the Bands.

Steve won the State Championship Darts competition in Lubbock, TX in 1973 and, despite the dart accident, retained and still maintains the use of his 70s moustache. Steve is currently in the middle of the Squad NHL video hockey standings and is way below .500. Steve lives in a bomb shelter with his loving cat Grisham who likes to pee on Jeff’s hockey equipment.