All-natural protection using essential oils.

Although most of our clients choose our traditional product, some customers prefer using an all natural product. This product offers a roughly 80% elimination of mosquitoes. This means that you will likely see a few more mosquitoes but it should certainly be livable. Rather than using the often mentioned Garlic Treatment, we actually use something that leaves your yard smelling significantly better… Mint, Rosemary and sometimes Cedar! Unlike the traditional treatment, it has an odor but it only lasts a few hours and, since it makes your yard smell like root beer or a cedar forest, it’s very pleasant. It eliminates mosquitoes and ticks very well and can even be used in our misting systems for an organic repellent in your complete control. Because it requires a more frequent application it’s a bit more pricey but our customers who elect for the all-natural product swear by it.


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