Did you know that bug sprays containing DEET melt plastic?

The chemical compound in DEET is so harsh that it’s regularly used to “clean” plastic as it will literally melt a top layer of a plastic component and give it a temporary sheen which is actually created by melting the plastic.

Additionally, 50% of DEET bug sprays will be absorbed into the blood streams of a human who applies it to his or her skin. Think about it this way… our skin is our largest organ and by applying bug spray, we are directly applying a harsh chemical to that organ. Add to that, it gets everywhere… most often we ingest it through handling food, we breathe it in when we spray it, and worst of all, unless you shower every time you use it, you leave traces of it all over your house, most commonly in bed sheets, couches, etc.

While we want to advocate any type of defense against getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and ticks, we think it’s a better option to use the Mosquito Squad method of applying an environmentally friendly product to the foliage and structures of your yard… places you rarely come into contact with… rather than applying a corrosive poison directly to your skin.