One week until Christmas! Do you have all your gifts purchased or are you one of those who likes to do it at the last minute? Whether you are fretting or firing up your gift list, Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville has the perfect gift idea. Give those you care about the gift of a pest free summer!

Holiday Gift Certificate

Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville is the area’s premier mosquito and tick elimination company. But did you know we can control more than just mosquitoes and ticks in your yard? Our safe and effective treatments eliminate fleas, spiders, stink bugs and more, giving you a truly pest free yard to enjoy. How can we control all of those insects? By adding products to our already effective barrier spray treatment and treating the areas those particular pests live and feed.

Pests are eliminated with our barrier spray treatment.

Pests are eliminated with our barrier spray treatment.

Of course our most popular treatments include mosquitoes and ticks. These pests are not only a big problem in the Charlottesville area; they bring with them many vector-borne diseases with a single bite to both our family members and our pets. Eliminating them is the only way to ensure you stay free from contracting one of these diseases. Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville’s traditional season-long package will have us visiting your property every three weeks. Our trained technicians will spray the areas where mosquitoes and ticks are most active and like to hide. Once the mosquitoes and ticks come in contact with the barrier spray, they are eliminated on contact. A special binding agent allows the barrier spray to remain on the vegetation to continually eliminate them for up to 21 days and won’t wash away in the rain.

Give us a call today to give a gift certificate for a pest free yard. You make the call and we’ll do the rest to ensure mosquitoes, ticks and any other pest you are concerned about are eliminated. Then cross those names off your gift giving list and enjoy the rest of the holiday season knowing you have given a gift that will last all summer long.Mosquito-Squad-of-Charlotte

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