The ever growing neighborhoods in our community mean that
there are a number of animals that regularly visit your yard for grazing and shelter.

There are two main animals that also bring disease with them when they do inhabit your yard.


There are many neighborhoods around Central Virginia where large herds of deer migrate in and out of yards and public areas. Some residents consider them cute, some consider them a nuisance. One thing is certain… they are very effective at dragging ticks into a yard. When they travel from property, particularly in heavily overgrown undeveloped areas, they pick up ticks that are questing. A tick that grab onto a deer will then take a blood meal, and possibly drop off of that deer in your yard. This is how they travel distances. If that deer has Lyme disease, the tick that drops off will also be infected. Now you and your family are at risk.



The common field mouse is a little known host of ticks. When a deer tick is in its initial nymph phase, when it’s as large as a sesame seed, the field mouse is the perfect host… Small, mobile and the perfect carrier of Lyme disease. A field mouse can be infected with Lyme disease for its entire lifetime and not be affected. It makes for multiple opportunities for many ticks to attach to a mouse, become infected and then come into your yard… sometimes come into your home, again putting you and your family at risk.
While Mosquito Squad doesn’t eliminate deer or mice, we help to ensure that we reduce the likelihood that a tick or mosquito that has fed on one and possibly become infected ends its lifecycle when it enters your yard.