The beautiful and temperate Virginia climate makes for prime mosquito territory. Virginia is home to over fifty (50) different mosquito species, including the Asian Tiger mosquito and the AedisAegypti now made nationally infamous by the concern over Zika virus.

It’s common knowledge that the mosquito is an enormous threat in the continents of Africa and South America. The global economy and easy international travel have now brought these same threats to the United States and more specifically, right into our back yards here in Central Virginia. Chickungunya or Zika virus have yet to make it to Central Virginia. However, some more sinister, prevalent and less publicized instances of life altering Eastern Equine Encephilitis (EEE) can happen regularly in Charlottesville and Lynchburg, but don’t make it onto the evening news.

As with any threat, prevention is the best option. By reducing the population near your home, you reduce the number of bites your family will fall victim to, and drastically reduce the chances of contracting a serious disease.

Mosquito Squad recommends incorporating the 5Ts into your outdoor routine during Spring, Summer, and Fall. The 5 T's are:
  • Tip: tip over any water sources within your yard
  • Toss: toss away any trash, waste in and around your yard
  • Turn over: turn over anything that can collect water (buckets, kid's pools, sandboxes etc...)
  • Tarps: a major culprit of mosquito breeding, please make sure these are secured and not collecting water
  • Treat: call the pros at Mosquito Squad- 434-336-4040