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I moved to Virginia from New York about five years ago.  At the time, I was temporarily staying at a Charlottesville residence, caretaking, and searching for a more permanent living arrangement.  The home was a bit dated and hadn’t been lived in for a few years.  The place was also getting ready to be sold, though it was going to take a lot of work.  In every room there was clutter, covered in dust. Piles of boxes, clothes, kitchenware, records, and you name it, needed to be organized and either sold, donated, or gotten rid of.  After that, the place seriously need a power wash throughout every room.  Needless to say, most critters enjoy hanging out in places like this.  As the Winter was about to turn to Spring, I immediately noticed stink_bugmass quantities of shield shaped, brown bugs, that I came to discover were known as Stink Bugs.  The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug to be exact.  These things were EVERYWHERE- In every room of the house, there must have been thousands of them- in the fridge eating the food, in the ceiling lights, in the cupboards, on the floor, crawling up the walls, on the couch taking naps, in the bathroom using the shower etc… you get the idea!  I have never seen that many insects in full force such as these were.  They are relatively harmless, but they do release a foul odor as a defense mechanism at times, which is why they are called .  And like I said, they were EVERYWHERE!

Our stinky “companions” arrived in the United States sometime in the latter half of the 90s.  They are originally native to Asia and are considered an accidental immigrant to our country.  In the last couple of decades their population has increased drastically, and there is a high likelihood that this pattern will continue.  One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there are no natural  predators here to help regulate their numbers.   All of a sudden, in 2010 the U.S. noticed a considerable outbreak of these little guys.  Their prominence was nationwide and their effects were severe.  Most notably, aside from camping out in all of our homes all Winter, they have had detrimental effects on cash crops for farmers all over the nation.  Peaches, nectarines, apples, corn, and soybeans, all among the victims of .  Some farmers reported losing 50% or more of their crops.

Stink_Bug_1Obviously, these insects have become a problem in more ways than one.  But, we are going to focus on how they affect you and your home.  These bugs are considered “over winter-ing” pests, meaning simply that they make every effort they can to hibernate for the winter, most likely right in your home.  They will nestle in the walls, roof, eaves, etc…  They are incredibly hard to get rid of, because of their staggering numbers.  You want to avoid killing them, as they put off a bad smell.  One way to get rid of them while they are already in your home is to vacuum them up and dispose of them as you see fit ( I recommend letting them go back outside, but I’m more like Ace Ventura when it comes to bugs. Ironic huh?).  The main ways to reduce and prevent the stink bugs from taking over your home include repeated spray treatments (provided by yours truly), as well as making the effort to seal up your home as tight as possible.  This may include using caulk or other sealants near windows, utilities and doors, sealing up chimneys (don’t ask me how) and openings in your roof etc…Basically, saran wrap the heck out of your place!

Going back to what I mentioned about  spray treatments:  Mosquito Squad’s traditional spray (barrier spray)  will reduce mosquitoes, ticks, and stink bugs .  You will see less of them with traditional treatments.  However, to really see a drastic decrease in their population INSIDE your home, our approach for removing them is different from our typical barrier spray treatment.  The time to really hone in on treating your home for these guys is in the Fall season.  During this time, they begin their migration back into your home, into the walls, roof, eaves, and you name it.  This is the time to catch them in the act.  Before they make their way in, we will come out to your property and treat your siding, roof, and eaves with our product.  We apply it in the same way that we do our seasonal mosquito treatment, but it is solely focused on target areas on and around your home.  We also coat these areas more heavily as well as more often.  You will see about 90% reduction of stink bugs if you decide to go this route.  Our  treatments are just around the corner, so give us a call at 434-336-4040 or email at charlottesville@mosquitosquad.com and we will put you on our schedule today!

either you go or I go. sorry dude.

either you go or I go. sorry dude.


Steve Sanderson

Sales Manager, Mosquito Squad C’ville

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