While not dangerous,
the stink bug is annoying and well… it stinks.

Another lovely import from Asia, the stink bug hassome unique survival instincts that allow them to take shelter in your home. During the spring and summer, the stink but emerges from hibernation and shelter to feed and breed. They live out in nature and feed on agricultural crops.

For this reason they are a pest in agriculture. When fall arrives, their instincts then trigger a desire to find tree bark to burrow into. However, they are also attracted to light so when the sun shines on your home, it attracts them to the lightly colored siding, window framing, and more. Since they can sqeeze themselves down to the thickness of a few sheets of paper, they then are able to burrow into any tiny cracks in your home and they keep going until they finally reach open areas like your attic or between your walls. They then release a hormone letting their commrades know where safe passage has been found and it attracts others.

The end result is a Night of the Living Stinkbugs on the sides of your home and then constant interruptions and annoyance throughout the winter months when your heated home revive them from hibernation. In the spring, they leave your home, safe in the knowledge that they have found a new home.