"Very happy with our mosquito squad service. They are prompt, polite, and are great about communication! I highly recommend them and their service. Our backyard was infested with mosquitoes and I could barely be outside for 5 minutes. After the spray, we are able to finally enjoy our backyard and patio sans mosquitoes!"
Katie B.
"I love gardening and until I discovered Mosquito Squad I needed a separate set of clothes sprayed with repellent, a hat, plus adding Deep Woods Off on my gloves to enjoy being in the yard. With all the rain this year I am sure I would have been a prisoner to my home without them. Note that I have a storm drain that empties out in the woods just behind my property - great breeding ground. They take care of my yard!"
Donna G.
"Mosquito Squad works miracles. Without their monthly treatment, I cannot enjoy doing any activity in my backyard during the summer without being eaten alive. They are quick to repeat a treatment during a rainy spell if the problem returns. My husband and I were so happy with their service this past summer that I felt the need to call them mid-season to thank them for a job well-done. Highly recommended."
Victoria C.
"I enjoyed the sound of innumerable blood-thirsty mosquitos buzzing me to sleep at night ... but my wife, baby, and two dogs disagreed. They banned against me and hired Mosquito Squad to silence our evening symphonies. My family has since enjoyed a 97% reduction in mosquito activity ... while I have been forced to fill the audible void by playing rainforest sounds on my phone. Thanks Mosquito Squad - we're customers for life - and I'll probably never sleep again."
Ory S.
"We used Mosquito Squad in Northern VA before we moved to Lynchburg so we were aware how beneficial their Services are. I was SO very pleased with the Charlottesville location! I needed last minute/end of season service and they were quick to accommodate. It made such a difference for us to be outside with our son and dogs in the end of summer heat. Thank you so much! We look forward to starting in the Spring with you guys again!"
Heather B.
"Our deck has been noticeably mosquito free for the last 1.5 years so we can enjoy our new patio furniture set. We also feel much safer for our 2 cats playing in the backyard because the spray is tick repellent too. Thank you."
Elden L.
"We've been using Mosquito Squad for two seasons now and have been very happy with the results. Mosquitos were an issue for us in our yard but the main problem we were looking to address was the large tick population. Our dog had some issues with bites and associated infections despite our best efforts of protecting him. Once we started treating the yard the ticks were gone. Other populations of things like lightning bugs were happily unaffected. Also the guys doing the service have always been really friendly. Would definitely recommend."
Travis T.
"Mosquito Squad of Charlottesville has exceptional customer service and communication. We have a couple mosquito magnets in our family and Mosquito Squad has allowed all of us to enjoy the yard all summer without bites. I also appreciate the tick protection for our family and pets. I've referred them to several friends and family members who also have nothing but positive things to say about the company."
Alison N.
"We've used the Mosquito Squad organic treatment for the past three years, and I can with great confidence attest that it works beautifully. In prior summers, it was impossible to spend any time outside without getting swarmed by mosquitoes. Now, with the organic treatment, my children can play outdoors, and I've noticed fewer ticks on our dogs. If we were unable to use the Mosquito Squad service at our present home, which has a dormant creek in the backyard and many overgrown areas, I'd move. Highly recommend!"
Lori S.
"I switched over to them toward the end of the season and I have been very happy with it. Not only are they on site when they tell you they will be they look at the little details like flipping over water bowls that were left outside for our dogs when they go out this way they don’t drink the spray. With one of my daughters having the weak immune system that she does they take the care that is needed to spray our property. We will definitely be using them again come spring."
Zac A.