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July 31, 2015
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April 5, 2016
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Fall is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time for football season, apple cider, pumpkins, Halloween, The Lock’n Music Festival, and massive amounts of stink bugs making their way back to your home for the winter!  Everything on that list sounds great, minus the stink bugs.  Check out our last blog Stink Bugs: Living up to their name to find out what we have to say about our stink bug treatments for your home, beginning this September.  Also, with the amount of leaves that will be piling up, be sure and check out our websites page on tick and mosquito treatments: Mosquito and Tick Treatment.  Ticks love leaves, so be sure to find them out and about this fall.  Give us a call at 434-336-4040 and we will gladly come out to rid you of those menaces.stink_bug

Football season is coming up, and I personally am very stoked about this.  I’m more of an NFL fan than college, but college can be very exciting.  UVA’s football team has improved slightly over the past few years, but this season it’s really a coin toss whether or not we will see a significant improvement.  The rest of their division is projected to be more skillful than UVA yet again, unfortunately.  But, we shall see.  That’s about all I have to say on that.  As far as the NFL goes, part of the fun I have engaging with the sport is fantasy football.  I do pretty well each year, but admittedly, I’ve yet to take away a title.  I usually finish 2nd or 3rd, which ain’t too shabby!  But, this is my season.  I’m pretty sure in my first season, I drafted a kicker in the first 6 rounds.  So, I’ve come quite a ways since those days.  You gotta pick up the running backs right away!  Duh!  Oh, and in recent news, RG3 hurt again?  Already?!  Sorry Redskins fans!

The Lock’n Festival will be held from Thursday Sept. 10th through Sunday Sept. 13th on Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, VA.  The lineup this year looks amazing: Robert Plant, Phil Lesh and Friends, Umphrey’s Mcgee, and Jefferson Airplane, to name a few!  I grew up listening to 50s and 60s pop and rock, and really enjoy Jefferson Airplane.  However, admittedly at this point whenever they are brought to my attention, all I can think of is this clip:

What a movie!  Very underrated.  Anyhow, the Lock’n Festival really is quite an event, and it is now becoming well known nationwide.  Check out this feature from Charlottesville Newsplex on the background of and the man behind the Fest : Lock’n 2015 Newsplex.  All of this stuff is exciting, however I think I’m most amped up about Apple cider being back in season.  Cheers!



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