Most of you know about our barrier spray treatment that we provide for eliminating mosquitoes and ticks.  For many of our clients this is the way to go to prevent nasty pests from surrounding you and your family in your yard.  However, there is another splendid option available to those who would like more personal control, higher effectiveness, and convenience concerning misting-nozzletheir treatments.  Mosquito Squad also offers the option for the installation of a Misting System, which is a more permanent solution to controlling the population of ticks and mosquitoes at your home.

The Misting System is a viable option if you would like complete control over regulating mosquito control at your home or business. How it works: We install a system of tubes and nozzles around the perimeter (“a perimeter of protection”) of the area you would like treated, spacing each nozzle about 12 feet apart from each other.  In addition, nozzles are generally placed about 10 feet apart from each other, evenly located directly around or attached to your home or place of business.  The tubes all connect each nozzle to a main reservoir tank where we fill our dandy mosquito eliminating product.  The unit is generally programmed to mist 2-3 times per day, for durations of 45-60 seconds.  For convenience, there is even an app for your smartphone which allows you to regulate the timing and duration of your sprays as you see fit.yard perimeter

As a long term solution to mosquito elimination, this system and method are cost effective and even more highly effective at reducing mosquitoes and ticks (about 90%-95% reduction) than our traditional spray program (about 85%-90% reduction).  Over the course of a handful of years you will break even on this investment, relative to the cost of paying for recurring traditional spray treatments.  Longer than that, and you are saving a substantial amount of finances. The total cost for installation and yearly maintenance vary, based on the size of the area we are installing it for.  To find out more and to get a consultation, give us a call at 434-336-4040 today!!!  Have a nice weekend!


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