Nothing can ruin an event like a scourge of
mosquitoes or an infestation of ticks.

You thought you would be able to enjoy a beautiful Virginia evening and the next thing you know,
everyone is slapping themselves and seeking shelter.

Mosquito Squad Treatments will allow your guests to enjoy the event without coating themselves with nasty DEET. We often treat a couple days before the event and we have an amazing success rate.

One testament to this is that for the past three years, Mosquito Squad has treated the Lock’n Festival in Nelson County. Every year, more than 30,000 folks show up from around the country to listen to bands jam for four days. Tons of music, food, drinks, outdoor activities and more… and no mosquitoes!If we can protect an event of this magnitude, we can easily help you with your event or wedding.

When putting on an event or a wedding, we understand that you have much more to worry about than eliminating ticks and mosquitoes. We work with your schedule, come when you need us to and get out quickly so you can get back to what’s important… your big day! And, as usual, we guarantee it 100%!

Here’s a sample of the venues we have performed wedding and event treatments:

  • Wineries
  • Farms
  • Music Festivals
  • Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Homes
  • Woodlands
  • Mountain Tops