Hi there, welcome back to Part 2 of What sets Mosquito Squad apart from all of the rest!  Hopefully, you read last weeks blog and got super excited about the first 3 points, which highlighted some of our strengths.  I know you probably finished that blog and were really sad that you had to wait a week for the sequel.  I like to think of our Blog as the “Game of Thrones” of Blogs!  Well, I think it’s pretty good anyways!  And if you’re not familiar with Game of Thrones, that’s ok…what I mean is, I hope you enjoy!  Here are points 4 and 5!

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4. We are environmentally friendly: Most people don’t like the idea of pesticides and the side effects that may come from their application. Some companies in this industry may use approaches that are less than appealing for ensuring the well-being of your environment. Our approach and our options are different for several reasons: Unlike companies who will treat your yard once in a blue moon, with a high product concentration, Mosquito Squad treats your yard every 3 weeks with a much lower dilution of our product. This ensures a more consistent and regular treatment plan, and it also means that there are no negative consequences for your yard and the wildlife within it. And, there is absolutely no concern for you, your family, or your pets! You can be out in the yard in no time, mosquito free, and with peace of mind that our product is of no harm to you and your family. For your pets, our spray is very helpful. The product closely resembles a tick/flea collar! Not only is our traditional spray a great option because of the above mentioned facts, but we are the only company I know of who offers an organic spray treatment as well!!! Either way you go, rest assured that our products are environmentally friendly!

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5.We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee: Yes, that’s a common tag line for businesses of all varieties, however, for us it is not a gimmick! We believe in the efficacy of our product and service so much that if you are not satisfied, we’ll either give you your money back or come out and treat your yard again, for free! Our product works, and I can’t think of a time when we’ve had to make a refund, but hey, the guarantee is always there for added reassurance! Seriously, our product works! Give us a call!


Stay tuned for Part 3, “Return of the Mosquito Squad Jedi” coming soon to a Blog Theatre near you! For more info call us at 434-336-4040, or swing by our homepage at Charlottesville Mosquito Squad. Have a wonderful weekend!

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