Welcome back to Part 3 of 3 of “What sets Mosquito Squad apart from all of the rest?”  I know you have waited over a week for the completion of this epic Trilogy, and your patience has paid off.  Below are points 6, 7, and 8 of what makes Mosquito Squad unique from others in our industry.  There are many more points we could add, but I feel like the 8 that we have discussed give us a solid and succinct description.  Enjoy reading and may the Force be with you!


6. We Give Back: Mosquito Squad works closely with a company called Malaria No More. Malaria No More is a nonprofit organization which aims to end deaths by Malaria.  The organization actively educates people on the causes, symptoms, and statistics related to malaria.  Its focus is to then collect and match donations, then fund various approaches to cure and prevent malaria.  Funding is applied to having a timely diagnosis of malaria, treatments which can cure the disease within as soon as a few days, netting which can protect two people at a time from the onslaught of mosquitoes, vaccines, and targeted insecticide spraying.  Malaria No More has been effective in helping millions of people avoiding and being cured from this disease. For every customer Mosquito Squad has per season, we donate $1 to Malaria No More.  We also accept donations from anyone willing to give.  Mosquito Squad has 100% participation in this from all of its franchisees across the United States.dread-proud-supporter

7. We are quick to respond: How many of us, myself included, have dealt with companies on the phone or via email who take forever to get back to you or make you go through a million menus before you can actually talk to a real live person? Yes, all of us is probably the correct answer to that one. Nine times out of ten, when you call us, your phone call will be picked up by one of our crew right away, and we will get you taken care of. No menus, no lousy hold music. Need to schedule a treatment? Have an issue or question? We are here to be as helpful and quick to respond as possible. Generally we can get you on our schedule the same week you call, if not, the following. We know that nobody wants to wait to get rid of mosquitos and ticks in their yard.

8. We communicate more better: Totally kidding in that title there. See what I did? Point #9 might be that we have a tremendous sense of humor! But seriously, our communication skills are superb. Not only within the company itself, but especially with our clients. This point follows up point #7 nicely. When you speak to/with us, we listen to what you have to say, we take extensive notes on all of the fine details, and we are crystal clear when it comes to setting expectations for our clients. We want you to be heard loud and clear, concerning meeting your needs for treating your yard. We also want to deliver the most comprehensive and easily understandable dialogue with you that we are capable of. I believe that unlike other companies you interact with on the phone, you may want to hang around and chat with us for a while : )

For more info call us at 434-336-4040, or swing by our homepage at Charlottesville Mosquito Squad. Have a wonderful weekend!


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